of  New Smyrna Beach

Beach Tips for Sea Turtle Nesting Season
May 1  ~  October 31

Don't Shine Lights on the Beach
HOW:  Keep all light sources and reflections off the beach by using light shields, blinds or by keeping fixtures low to the ground.  Only use red LED flashlights and headlights on the beach at night.
WHY:  Lights and fires may discourage sea turtles from nesting & lead baby turtles away from the water.
Volusia County Lighting Ordinance/VC LAND DEV. CODE Art. XII SS 1201-1209

Remove Beach Furniture at Night

HOW:  Take beach furniture, cabanas, tents and ALL beach equipment with you when leaving the beach.  Do not store anything on the beach or in the dunes.
WHY:   Beach equipment may harm, disturb or trap nesting or baby sea turtles and disturb the dune system
It is unlawful to disturb dunes or vegetation/ FL STAT. Ch. 161.053

Fireworks on the Beach are ILLEGAL
HOW:  Fireworks are illegal to possess or explode on the beach.
WHY:  Litter from the fireworks can harm sea life and explosions can disturb nesting sea turtles.
Beach Code/ Ch. 20. Sec. 20-125

Thank you for helping to protect our nesting sea turtles!
For more information, please contact Volusia County Environmental Management at 386-238-4668, 386-238-4716 or 386-238-4773.

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